Dance Class​​​Tuition

*BarrePlus rates are separate and can be found at the bottom of this page. More information can be found by clicking the BarrePlus tab.

Tuition rates listed below are MONTHLYand are based on the total number of dance class hours/minutes per family per week.  Tuition is due by the 10th of each month and remains the same each month regardless of holidays. 

We have 3 options for paying tuition:

1.  Auto-pay. You may enroll in auto-pay when you register in our parent portal. Tuition will be automatically charged to your debit/credit card on the first of each month.

​2.   Online payment. You may either input or store your debit/credit card information in our parent portal system, then make your payment online before the 10th of each month.

​3.  Cash or check in person before the 10th of each month.

* There is a yearly registration fee of $25 for one child, $35 for a family


30 min:    $40

45 min:    $50

​1 hr:         $60

1.25 hrs:  $75

1.5 hrs:    $90

1.75 hrs:  $105

2 hrs:       $115

2.25 hrs:  $130

2.5 hrs:    $143

2.75 hrs:  $155

3 hrs:       $167

3.25 hrs:  $178

3.5 hrs:    $190

3.75 hrs:  $200

4 hrs:       $210


Cancellation policy: Email notification is required in order to withdraw students from class.  You are responsible paying tuition up until the date that you inform us of your withdrawal from our program.

​4.25 hrs:  $220
4.5 hrs:    $228
4.75 hrs:  $237
5 hrs:       $245
5.25 hrs:  $252
5.5 hrs:    $260
5.75 hrs:  $266
6 hrs:       $272
6,25 hrs:  $277
6.5 hrs:    $283
6.75 hrs:  $287
7 hrs:       $291
7.25 or more per week: $300

BarrePlus tuition/enrollmemt:

Call us at 239-217-4917 or click on the contact tab above and complete the contact form. Classes can be purchased in the following packages:

Single Class- $18          6pack-$90          12 pack-$144          20 pack-$200

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New Class- Broadway Dance  beginning in January!


We are currently closed for Thanksgiving Break!

We re-open for classes on Monday, December 2nd!

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