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Dress Code

 Girls-Students must be dressed in form-fitting, solid-colored  clothing that is considered dancewear and not regular street clothes. Acceptable items are leotards, tights, leggings, dance shorts, form-fitting tank tops, and dance skirts. Convertible tights are best for any class that is combined with acro.                  Gym shorts, cropped tops, and clothing with busy prints are not allowed.

Boys- Solid-colored sweatpants, gym shorts or any kind of stretchy pants that they can move in are allowed with a solid colored t-shirt. Boys may use black ballet shoes if enrolled in ballet, but should follow colors specified below for all other classes.
*Students in all classes need to be wearing tights or leggings that go below the knee no matter what class they are in.
*Hair needs to be pulled back into a bun or ponytail for all classes if long enough to be pulled back.


Ballet or Creative movement - pink ballet shoes (no-tie, stretch canvas preferred)

Jazz and Broadway Dance - tan, slip-on jazz shoes

Contemporary - barefoot and tan turners

Tap and Broadway Dance - black slip-on tap shoes

Acro - barefoot