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Benefits of BarrePlus:

BarrePlus students will develop lean muscles, improve their overall fitness level, and develop a strong mind-body connection while having fun learning various styles of dance from ballet to hip hop to salsa and more!

How does BarrePlus work?

The barre and floor exercises focus on core/overall strength, balance, control, flexibility, muscular endurance, and coordination.

The traveling movements and dance combinations add a calorie-burning cardiovascular benefit while improving agility and developing a strong mind-body connection.  Research has shown that people who regularly memorize and practice dance combinations are less likely to have Alzheimers disease!

What is BarrePlus?

BarrePlus is the only local workout class that combines barre and floor exercises with traveling movements and dance combinations that dancers regularly use in their classes to develop their bodies.  Instruction is individualized and appropriate for all ability levels.

How do I enroll?

Call us at 239-217-4917 or click on the contact tab above and complete the contact form. Classes can be purchased in the following packages:

Single Class-              $18    (expires 30 days after purchase)      

6 pack-                        $90    (expires 6 weeks after 1st class taken)

12 pack-                      $144  (expires 8 weeks after 1st class taken)       

20 pack-                      $200  (expires 90 days after 1st class taken)

1 month unlimited-    $99    (expires 1 month after 1st class taken)

Parents of students currently enrolled in dance class receive 50% off BarrePlus rates- offer expires 12/21.

BarrePlus Summer Class Schedule (60 min classes) 

   Wednesday-8:00am   ​   Saturday-8:30am

BarrePlus Summer Schedule- Wed. 8:00am, Sat. 8:30am.